Choose the Alternative

Empowerment, Awareness, Prevention


The Alternative is a movement developed for teens to bring awareness and prevent suicide, drugs, and bullying in our school systems.

In Oklahoma, thousands of teens and young adults take their lives every year.

This is a generation where suicide has been on the rise since 2009. There needs to be a change and we will see this generation free of suicide and bullying!

Russ Adams


I want to see the lost youth find their way. This generation has a purpose, a divine destiny, and a calling! The youth of this generation are crying out for help in places that don’t have answers. 

Emily Glass

My heart is to see the lonely kid that feels invisible; the teenage girl who cuts herself when she is all alone as a distraction from the pain that is inside; the young guy who contemplates suicide everyday because he feels like he will never be good enough. I long to see these people and see them for who they are — to notice when they need someone to listen or a shoulder to cry on. Thats the very heart beat of Alternative – to see the one – the one that gets over looked. We all need to be seen, loved, cherished, and valued but for some it could mean life or death. The young people of America and really this generation as a whole are being bombarded with new issues constantly. They need an outlet and not one that will cost them their life or lead to addiction. I was that young girl cutting herself and if I can help others before they reach that point, that is worth it all. I want to see this generation fight back against suicide, bullying and drugs and win.